Stu2 - W7IY

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Beverage Antenna Switch

An antenna switch capable of connecting 1 of 6 antennas to any 1 of 4 radios. Developed for the W4RM contest station. We will use it to select one of the six receiving antennas. It replaces a patch panel, where we had to get up from the station and move a cable to select an antenna. The station has 160/80 phased pair (NE), 40M phased pair (NE) and four 580' beverages. (NE, NW, W and SE) [October 2007]

Mining the DX Cluster

Can DX spots be used as and indicator to switch bands during DX contests?

SixPak Switch Matrix

The SixPak provides a 6x2 switch matrix, which allows a ham radio operator to connect one of six antennas to one of two radios. A lock-out prevents both radios from selecting the same antenna - at the same time. However, for the W4RM contest station, we want to have four radios. So we used a CPLD to control two SixPaks, which gives us a 6x4 switch matrix. [October 2006]

Network Emulator

A network emulator allows application designers to test the behavior of their application over a simulated wide area network environment before deployment. This project uses the netem (network emulator,) network queues and bridge mode to create a 'WAN in a box.' This paper was published in Enteprise Open Source Magazine. (November 2006)

Jabber and Site Player

Jabber can be used for instant messaging. Site Player is a small web browser with input/output lines. Combining the two allows remote control over instant messaging. [ March 2006]

N1MM Voice Keyer

Use the N1MM contest program as a digital voice keyer. [April 2007]

802.11 Wireless Architecture

Using 802.11 in the field can be challenging. This is a generalized architecture for 802.11 deployments using commercial off the shelf products. The project includes a reference design, discussion on security and configuration notes for the products. [January 2007]

GPS Receiver Interface

Uses a 16F628 PIC to display the data from a GPS receiver module. The GPS module outputs serial data and the PIC displays the data on a hitachi HD44780 LCD panel. The panel is 4 lines x 20 characters. [May 2007]